Imagen del logo de Mercadona en una de sus puertas de entrada a las tiendas. El logo está compuesto por una cesta llena de productos, principalmente verduras.

The Supplier

The Supplier's Quality Commitment

Mercadona suppliers are committed to being 100% Totaler to always satisfy “The Boss”

Mercadona, in collaboration with its 1,500 Totaler Suppliers, pursues excellence to create an Efficient Selection that provides differentiation and offers “The Boss” high quality products every day at unbeatable prices.

In this way, Totaler Suppliers, the commercial and service suppliers with which it works, play a key role in the Mercadona supply chain, as their joint involvement has made it possible to continue to promote and consolidate a shared growth project that generates value in the environments where present.

The Supplier

Collaboration with the primary sector

The Mercadona Sustainable Agri-Food Chain seeks to join forces with the entire chain and share the knowledge of each link that constitutes it, in order to generate synergies and create an efficient, modern, and differential Agri-Food Chain.

To do so, Mercadona continues to grow closer to the strategic sectors in the Spanish agri-food industry, such as the agricultural, fishing, and livestock sectors, reinforcing with them its commitment to stability, planning, future prospects, guaranteed purchasing, and specialisation.

Main strategies of CASPOPDONA

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