Imagen del logo de Mercadona en una de sus puertas de entrada a las tiendas. El logo está compuesto por una cesta llena de productos, principalmente verduras.

The Employee

Investing in people

The talent of 85,800 professionals committed towards excellence

Mercadona has a 85,800-strong workforce, all of whom are highly committed and share the passion for a service of excellence. To achieve this level of motivation and performance, Mercadona pursues a Human Resources policy based on a universal truth, "first give, and you will then receive". To this end, the company has a policy of Human Resources that promotes unwaiverable, essential values where people are concerned:

  • Stability: stable, quality employment
  • Equality: same salary for the same responsibilities
  • Training and promotion: 70 million euros invested in training and 860 people promoted on a yearly basisal año.
  • Compatibility: in 2018, 2,360 employees opted for extending their maternity leave by 30 days, and 16,062 enjoyed reduced working hours.
  • Payment: distribution of the profits obtained during the course of the year. The company shares 25% of the annual profits with the workforce.

The Employee, who is responsible for satisfying “The Boss”, also needs to be satisfied, because the only thing that is hard to imitate is service of excellence.

Main data for Mercadona employees in 2019

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