Imagen del logo de Mercadona en una de sus puertas de entrada a las tiendas. El logo está compuesto por una cesta llena de productos, principalmente verduras.


Transforming Society

A transformative initiative based on shared growth to generate a social impact that creates progress and responsible development

Mercadona seeks to contribute to improve people’s quality of life and to innovate to transform society through a vision shared by all those who are part of the Mercadona Project: “Being a company that people want to exist and feel proud of”.

To do so, it fosters responsible behaviour and transparency and dialogue, which enables the company to promote measures that contribute to improve the environments in which it conducts its activity.

  • Sustainable, shared growth. Mercadona seeks to contribute to generate employment, prosperity, and wealth as a company.

National GDP and Mercadona jobs in 2023

  • Ethical Commitment. Since 2011, Mercadona has been a signatory of the Global Compact, an initiative through which the United Nations promotes the different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The company continually strives to respond to the needs posed by the SDGs that are the most affected by the impact of its activity.

Mercadona’s SDG performance in 2019

  • Integration in local town markets. The company boosts commerce of proximity in the areas or neighbourhoods in which it has a presence, and maintains a special commitment towards the coexistence of traditional formats. 

Total Mercadona supermarkets in municipal markets in 2023

  • A Social, Responsible Mercadona. The company promotes its own social action plan through supporting various social institutions and entities, which help many people each year.

Mercadona collaborations 2023

  • Environmental Management System and Circular Economy. Among its priorities, Mercadona includes respect for the environment and dedicates more and more efforts towards reducing the environmental impact of its activity, to manufacture more with less resources, promoting the Circular Economy in its processes.

Mercadona's investment in protection of the environment and reduction of CO2 emissions

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