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What is Mercadona? 

A shared, sustainable and constant transforming project that society wants to exist, feel proud of and have "The Boss" (customer) as a guiding light

Mercadona, a family company, is one of the leading physical supermarket and online shopping companies in Spain. Its goal is to be responsible for prescribing “The Boss” (customer) the best option to satisfy its food, home care, personal care and animal care. Thanks to this, 5.7 million households place their trust in the company every day. 

Created in 1977 by the Cárnicas Roig Group, currently it has  stores across Spain and [[1477789935298]TextoNumeroSupermercadosPt] in Portugal, and a staff of 99.000 employees who seek excellence, 3.500 of them in Portugal.

Centered around 5 needs: Drink, Personal Hygiene, Pet Care, Home Cleaning, Food.



"Prescribing final consumers products/solutions that cover their needs for food, drink, personal care, home care, and pet care...

... always guaranteeing Food Safety, Maximum Quality, Maximum Service, Minimum Budget, and Minimum Time".


“Achieving a Sustainable Agri-Food Chain, which people want to exist and feel proud of, led by Mercadona, and with ‘The Boss’ as its lighthouse”.

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