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Corporate Governance

Management Committee

Juan Roig

Juan Roig


“Our role as a company is to contribute to improving the social and economic environment, efficiently and responsibly manufacturing in order to generate shared prosperity”

  • José Jordá

    José Jordá

    Managing Director of Stores and Prescription of Perishables

  • Francisco Espert

    Francisco Espert

    Managing Director of Dry Products Prescription and IT

  • Rafael Berrocal

    Rafael Berrocal

    Managing Director, Meat, Fish, Fruit and Vegetables Purchasing

  • David Cid

    David Cid

    Managing Director of Petroleum Byproducts Purchasing

  • Jose Miguel Fernández

    Jose Miguel Fernández

    Managing Director of Manufactured Agricultural Products Purchasing

  • Pilar Sanz

    Pilar Sanz

    Managing Director of Bakery Purchasing

  • Guillermo Pérez

    Guillermo Pérez

    Managing Director of Milk and Milk Byproducts Purchasing

  • Rosa Aguado

    Rosa Aguado

    Managing Director of Logistics

  • Héctor Hernández

    Héctor Hernández

    Managing Director of Finance and Legacy

  • Patricia Cortizas

    Patricia Cortizas

    Managing Director of Human Resources and External Relations

  • Patricia Tobía

    Patricia Tobía

    Managing Director of Construction and Expansion

Board of Directors

  • President
  • Juan Roig Alfonso
  • Vice-president
  • Hortensia Mª Herrero Chacón


  • Board member secretary
  • Carolina Roig Herrero


  • Members of the board
  • Hortensia Roig Herrero
  • Amparo Roig Herrero
  • Juana Roig Herrero
  • Rafael Gómez Gómez
  • Fernando Roig Alfonso


Audit Committee

  • President
  • Juana Roig Herrero
  • Secretary
  • Carolina Roig Herrero
  • Member
  • Rafael Gómez Gómez


Updated as of 21/11/2020
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