Imagen del logo de Mercadona en una de sus puertas de entrada a las tiendas. El logo está compuesto por una cesta llena de productos, principalmente verduras.

"The Boss"

Coinnovation to surprise “The Boss”

Mercadona is immersed in a battle for quality to offer “The Boss” the best selection and service

“The Boss” is at the centre of all the company’s decisions. Mercadona believes that innovating means constantly thinking about “The Boss” to be able to offer them solutions to their needs that add value.

In the context of this ongoing investment in innovation, the company has in place its own transversal, collaborative innovation model. A model that innovates starting from the needs of the client. Using the knowledge provided by “The Boss”, the employees and suppliers during the creative process allows for Mercadona to offer a total shopping experience.

In order to be able to develop all this co-innovation work, throughout 2021, Mercadona held almost 14,000 sessions with the “Bosses” in the different co-innovation centres. Thanks to these sessions, 550 developments and 520 improvements. 2 pillars of innovation

Efficient Selection

Mercadona has continued to develop its Effective Selection strategy together with Totaler Suppliers. To this end, Mercadona has its Co-innovation model, which is a pioneering project that it started in 2011 though the Apron Strategy, based on sharing client experiences and consumption, household cleaning, personal hygiene and pet care habits, all of which allows for capturing needs to offer the right solutions.

Own brands

The brands Mercadona has been developing since 1996 by means of its integrated supplier-manufacturers, and that are clearly identified in the labels, are the following: Hacendado (food), Bosque Verde (home cleaning), Deliplus (personal hygiene) and Compy (pet care).


Own brands

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