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Employment conditions of Mercadona employees

Employment conditions of Mercadona employees

“Giving first, to then receive”

Mercadona’s employment conditions stand out on account of providing stable, quality employment by means of a Human Resources model that favours training, internal promotion and equity, among other values.

Mercadona’s Human Resources policy has been praised by the International Labour Organization (ILO), and it has ranked first in the Distribution sector at the Merco Talento ranking.

What does Mercadona offer?

  • Stable, quality employment

Mercadona employees have fixed contracts and salaries above the sector average

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  • A remuneration policy with a difference

Mercadona shares part of its annual profit with its staff. In addition, employees benefit from a remuneration policy with salary increases at each stage (year of service) with up to five stages in each job position.

Table of basic employee salaires at Mercadona

  • Opportunities for Training and Internal Promotion

A pool of talent is created if people are trained and given opportunities.

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  • Measures for Achieving Work-life Balance

Mercadona strives for its employees to achieve a satisfactory work-life balance. Among other measures, it offers the possibility of extending maternity leave by one month, and it has Nursery Schools available in some of its logistics blocks. Additionally, it has implemented a five-day work week (5+2) for supermarket staff, a pioneering measure that allows for 140 days off per year.

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  • Transparency and Participation

Mercadona shares company information and objectives with its staff. Additionally, it encourages dialogue and participation to develop the talent of individuals as the creativity of all individuals who make up the company must be harnessed to obtain the best ideas.

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