Logo de Mercadona en la pared de una tienda.

Mercadona approves the start of its internationalisation project in Portugal

23 june 2016
  • The company’s Management Committee approved the start of Mercadona’s expansion to the Portuguese market in the June Committee meeting.
  • The objective for the first stage is to establish 4 supermarkets, which will open their doors to the public in 2019.
  • The initial foreseen investment for this stage is 25 million euros, and the plan is to create 200 jobs.

Based on a decision by its Board of Directors, the supermarket chain’s Management Committee has decided to start its internationalisation plan by entering the Portuguese market. The company’s objective is to open the first four stores in 2019, which will mark the start of its international expansion project.

Initially, Mercadona plans to invest 25 million euros and the forecast is to create 200 jobs during this first expansion stage. To this end, the company foresees starting institutional contact straight away, as well as on-site work like identifying the most suitable locations in which to carry out the first four Portuguese inaugurations.

Mercadona has informed the Portuguese authorities of its decision to establish its corporate project in Portugal and they have outlined the key points of the shared growth model the company is driven by. “We see Portugal as a great opportunity for starting the company’s international expansion, and as a country from which there is much to learn, both about consumers and the highly competitive distribution sector. The possibility of contributing towards the country’s economic and social development, as well as boosting their agri-food sector represents an exciting challenge and an objective that all of us who are a part of the Mercadona Project view as our responsibility”, the company’s president, Juan Roig has stated.

Mercadona has chosen Portugal as the country in which to start its international plan on account of it being a nearby market that is close in terms of logistics and that fits within the company’s organic and natural growth.

In 2015, Mercadona’s total revenue was 20,831 million euros. The company currently has 1,587 stores and a workforce of 76,000, all of whom have permanent contracts, and strive to “offer service of the highest level of excellence”, on a daily basis in line with the company’s values. In keeping with the principle of “success is sweeter when it is shared”, the company distributed 277 million euros by way of performance-related bonuses.

A shared value project where the client is “The Boss”

Mercadona is a family-owned company and the result of a shared, sustainable project which is ongoing and that has been steadily growing since it was founded in 1977 within the Carnicas Roig Group. In 1981, Juan Roig assumed control of the company and it commenced its activities as an independent business. Juan Roig, Mercadona’ s president, and his wife Hortensia Herrero the vice-president, are currently the majority shareholders, holding 80% of the stock.

Mercadona has maintained sustained growth on the basis of an in-house management model geared towards “The Boss”, as they call the clients within the company by offering a high quality selection of products at the lowest possible price. In addition, by developing the skills of their employees and encouraging a passion for excellence in service, all in permanent collaboration with its suppliers and social surroundings.

This responsible stance has been backed up by actions on a yearly basis since its foundation, and this confirms its commitment is not only a stable one, but one that grows and is consolidated in order to be able to give back to society some of what it receives.