Juan Roig durante la presentación de resultados de Mercadona de 2015.

Mercadona increases its turnover by 3% to reach 20,831 million euros

03 march 2016

Mercadona has created 1,000 direct permanent jobs earning at least 1,109 euros net per month, and has a total workforce of 75,000 people.

  • Sales in terms of volume have grown by 5%, to 10,649 million kilos and litres (kilitres).
  • For another year running, the company has shared its total profits between its components: 277 million among its employees by way of performance-related bonuses and 326 to Society in taxes. And from the 611 million euros of net profit (+12%), 495 have been reinvested in the company as own resources, and the rest has been divided among the shareholders as dividends.
  • The net profit has grown by 12% to reach 611 million euros, and investment reached 651 million euros.
  • Mercadona’s tax contributions by means of taxes and Social Security reached 1,497 million Euros in 2015.
  • Mercadona’s integrated supplier-manufacturer industrial cluster in Spain boasts more than 240 factories and over 47,100 employees.

2015 saw Mercadona’s turnover rise by 3% (670 million) to 20,831 million euros. The company’s net profit, which represents 3.2% of the sales, has grown by 12% to 611 million euros. Sales by volume have also grown, specifically by 5%, to 10,649 million kilos and litres (kilitres). This is a result that showcases the trust placed in the company by the more than 5 million households carrying out their shopping at its supermarkets. Furthermore, the company has once again fulfilled its commitment of reducing the cost of the "Shopping Cart Menu" and in 2015, it has lowered it by 2%, which represents a yearly saving of 96 euros for the "Bosses".

Mercadona has continued to grow, and in 2015, it carried out investments to the tune of more than 651 million euros destined towards inaugurating 60 new supermarkets, which saw the network grow to 1,574, as well as the refurbishment of a further 30. Other significant investments have been the construction of the Abrera (Barcelona) logistics block, which is already working at 50%, and the start of the new Vitoria-Gasteiz logistics block.

Its tax contribution in the country has grown in 2015 to 1,497 million euros. From this total amount, 662 million euros correspond to Social Security contributions, 243 to corporation tax, 509 to VAT and Income Tax, and 83 million euros to other taxes and duties.

Advances in technological and digital transformation

In 2015, Mercadona has managed to move forward in its technological and digital transformation project, in which it has invested more than 90 million euros. All of this seeks to achieve a double objective: placing information at the service of employee decision-making and improving the shopping experience for the clients. As part of this technological adaptation, it has implemented a real time information analysis system (big data) that is faster, it has installed more intuitive touchscreen weighing scales and carried out tests with state-of-the-art terminals in a number of stores, which allow for a real time knowledge of the stock levels in each supermarket.

In 2016, and within this digital innovation process, Mercadona plans to start building the second Data Processing Centre in Villadangos del Paramo (Leon), at an initial foreseen investment of 6 million euros. Furthermore, it will re-engineer its website in order to make it more seamless, agile and visually appealing. In 2015, online channel sales grew by 8%, contributing 169 million euros to the total revenue.

Sharing the profits generated

In keeping with Mercadona’s principle "success is sweeter when it is shared", from its total profit, the company has for another year running shared 23% with the employees: 277 million euros by way of performance-related bonuses. Furthermore, 27% of the profits, that is to say, 326 million have gone back into society by means of taxes; 40%, or 495 million euros have been reinvested in the company as own resources, and the remaining 10% has been distributed among the shareholders as dividends.

Sustainable Agri-Food Chain: from theory to action

Mercadona’s commitment towards the development of its Sustainable Agri-Food Chain (CASPOPDONA) continues to move forward, and in 2015, it caused a positive impact in the Spanish primary sector. A good example of this is the productivity increase in sectors such as rice, where together with farmers in Extremadura and Valencia, integrated supplier Arrocerías Pons has managed to increase the performance of its crops by 15%, as well as to reduce costs by 20%, increasing profitability while minimizing environmental impact. The COVAP 45 project for modernising the dairy market also comes as a consequence of CASPOPDONA, and it has allowed for 15 livestock producers to reinforce the profitability of their farms. In the context of these examples, worthy of mention is the growth of the Unión Martín and Pescanoah Islas fishing fleets, at more than 80 employees, or the “Proyecto Girasol”, or Sunflower Project, which Sovena and ASAJA are developing in the province of Cuenca to analyse the productive process of sunflowers.

In addition to contributing to all these examples of modernisation and revitalisation within the Spanish agri-food sector, CASPOPDONA allows the company to increase customer satisfaction by offering products of the highest quality and freshness. In point of fact, the new fresh sections, namely fruit and vegetables, bakery, meat and fish, have grown on average by 330 kilos per store and day.

An industrial cluster of more than 240 factories in Spain

Mercadona has continued to reinforce its commitment towards social-economic development in our country in 2015 by means of its industrialisation. To do this, the integrated suppliers who manufacture, among others, products of the Hacendado, Bosque Verde, Deliplus and Compy brands have invested 525 million euros, mostly destined towards the opening of 67 new factories and production lines. Furthermore, they have a joint workforce of 47,100 people, as they have hired 2,600 new employees in 2015.

This long-term investment plan has allowed for Mercadona and its 125 integrated suppliers to own more than 240 factories in Spain, making it one of Europe's most dynamic, innovative agri-food clusters.

Impact of Mercadona’s economic activity and value chain in Spain

During the course of the year, the company has continued to consolidate the contribution its activity generates for Spanish society as a whole. According to data from the 2015 Mercadona Economic Impact report carried out by the Valencian Institute of Financial Investigation (IVIE), the company and its Spanish assembly chain CASPOPDONA represent 1.8% of the country’s GDP (19,500 million euros), 3.8% of the total posts in the country (640,000 employees), and it further carries out 85% of its purchasing in Spain, adding up to a total of 15,393 million euros.

Commitments for 2016

In 2016, Mercadona plans to carry out an approximate investment of 650 million euros, which will mainly be destined towards the following: opening 60 new stores, refurbishing 35 supermarkets, continuing the construction works for the Abrera (Barcelona) and Vitoria-Gasteiz logistics blocks, continuing to foster technological transformation by starting the building works for the Villadangos del Paramo (Leon) Data Processing Centre and redesigning its webpage.


  2014 2015 Comments
Stores 1.521 1.574 53 net (60 inaugurations // 7 closures)
Sales inc. VAT* 20.161 20.831 +3,3%
Sales units "kilitres" ** 10.103 10.649 +5,3%
Total profit generated to share *: 1.118 1.214 +8%
Employee (performance-related bonuses) * 263 277 +5%
Taxes* 312 326 +4%
Net profit * 543 611 +12%
Tax contributions * 1.484 1.497 +1%
Investment* 655 651 =
Equity Capital* 3.884 4.392 +13%
Total company workforce 74.000 75.000 +1.000

*In millions of Euros

**In millions of kilos/litres

Juan Roig durante la presentación de resultados de Mercadona de 2015.Juan Roig during the presentation of Mercadona’s results for 2015.

Juan Roig durante la presentación de resultados de Mercadona de 2015.Juan Roig during the presentation of Mercadona’s results for 2015.

Juan Roig y los Miembros del Comité de Dirección de Mercadona durante la presentación de resultados de Mercadona de 2015.Juan Roig and the members of the Management Committee during the presentation of Mercadona’s results for 2015.