Juan Roig y los miembros del Comité de Dirección de Mercadona durante la presentación de resultados 2015.

Mercadona plans to hire 120 managers for Portugal

13 july 2016
  • The company offers stable, quality employment and a career plan, and it will invest more than 50,000 euros in training for each of the successful candidates.
  • Candidates may send their CV through Indeed, or by means of the Portuguese universities collaborating with the selection process.

Mercadona will start to hire and incorporate the first 120 new managers who will lead the chain’s project in Portugal. More specifically speaking, and with the intention of having a presence in the country’s most relevant areas, 60 will be based in Lisbon, and the remaining 60 in Porto.

The start of this process marks the configuration of an important part of the company’s infrastructure, and the creation of the key posts in Portugal. Furthermore, the necessary foundations are laid in order that Mercadona might start a team that grows professionally and proves its commitment towards the chain through stable, quality employment.

For 18 months, the new managers will be immersed in an in-house training programme in which Mercadona will invest more than 50,000 euros per employee. During this process, they will receive specific training in Mercadona’s Total Quality Model, management skills and leadership, and they will further undergo an immersion process in the company’s different departments.

“Our plan for Portugal is also that of becoming a company of reference in terms of creating stable and quality employment, and because of this, Mercadona would like to thank the Portuguese universities collaborating with the selection process for the opportunity of hiring talent of excellence, and congratulate them for their capacity for identifying professionals who relate to our values”, says Javier Casans Mercadona’s training and HR director.

Requirements and enrolment

In order to cover these positions, the company is seeking candidates holding a postgraduate degree, a master’s degree in economics, corporate management, law or architecture and engineering, a driving licence and availability for frequent travel.

Interested candidates may send their résumé through the www.mercadona.es portal or the Indeed platform. Furthermore, the company collaborates in the selection process with different Portuguese universities.

Mercadona’s Project in Portugal

Mercadona recently announced the start of its international expansion plan by entering the Portuguese market, the objective being to open the first four stores in 2019. Mercadona plans to invest 25 million euros, and the forecast is to create some 200 jobs during this first expansion stage.

Sustained backing of professional career growth and work-life balance

Mercadona foresees consolidating its HR model in Portugal, which backs people and their professional development, and whose backbone is stable, quality employment that promotes equality, work-life balance and internal promotion. For years, these characteristics have contributed towards the company being one of reference in the employment market, as showcased by a number of important studies, such as MERCO Personas, and Spain’s Situación de Conciliación work-life balance analysis, issued by the International Institute of Political Science, both acknowledging it as one of the companies of reference in terms of Human Resources management, as well as the distribution sector’s first.

Internal promotion 338 employees promoted
Equality Plan 51% of promoted employees are women
Investment in training 39 million euros
Training plans 10,623 people have partaken of training plans
Work-life balance 15,630 employees have enjoyed reduced timetables
Protection of maternity 2,769 female employees enjoyed 1 extra month of maternity leave
Performance-related bonuses 277 million euros distributed among the workforce