Detail of Mercadona’s logo in a store front.

Mercadona purchases more than 200,000 square metres in three Parc Sagunt plots

09 june 2017

The acquisition comes as part of the one carried out by the chain of supermarkets in December 2016, when it purchased the Z-2 plot - which occupies more than 350,000 square metres - to build its Main Warehouse.

  • The Parque Empresarial de Sagunto, S.L. Board of Directors has agreed to adjudicate Parc Sagunt business park plots I-3-1, I-4 and I-3-2, located in Sequia de la Torre and Sequia de L’Arrif avenues respectively, to Mercadona.
  • The adjoining plots acquired each occupy approximately 53,500m², 106,000m² and 52,500m². In total, the company is purchasing more than 200,000m² in Parc Sagunt.

Mercadona, a 100% Spanish-owned, family-run chain of supermarkets, has acquired three new plots in the business park in Sagunto, Valencia. The Board of Directors of Parc Sagunt, which is 50% owned by the Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial and SEPI Desarrollo Empresarial, has agreed to the adjudication of the plots to Mercadona.

The three new plots - I-3-2, which occupies approximately 52,500 square metres and is in Sequia de L’Arrif avenue, I-3-1 which is 53,500 square metres and I-4, 106,000 square metres, both in Sequia de la Torre avenue - will be used to cover any future needs for auxiliary services that might arise at the Main Warehouse, which is to be built in the plot purchased in 2016, itself occupying more than 350,000 square metres.

The company has acquired these three new plots for 17 million euros, therefore, added to the 24 million invested in 2016 to purchase plot Z-2, Mercadona has invested 41 million euros in the area in total. According to Mercadona’s Director of Logistics Oriol Montanyà, these plots “will supplement any future needs that might arise in terms of services, groupage and container warehouses at the Main Warehouse the company plans to build”.

Mercadona’s efficient logistics network

For almost a decade, the company’s logistics network, currently comprising 14 logistics blocks - three of which are planned and under construction - and 3 satellite warehouses, has stood out on account of its commitment towards innovating and developing fully automated warehouses. These intelligent warehouses allow for eliminating any handling and overexertion by the employees, and they further contribute towards preventing and reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace, while increasing productivity and efficiency.