Front of Mercadona’s new environmental report.

Mercadona presents its new Environmental Report

13 july 2017
  • Mercadona’s biannual Environmental Report contains all the company’s initiatives on this matter.
  • Mercadona has allocated 52 million euros over the last two years to improve its processes in aid of protecting the Environment.
  • From among the measures introduced, we would like to highlight the noteworthy energy savings derived from the implementation of the New Efficient Store Model, as well as the commitment entered into concerning Animal Welfare.

Mercadona publishes its new 2015-2016 Environmental Report, which explains its Environmental Management Model and the measures applied to improve the company’s environmental behaviour in three main areas: Logistics optimisation, Energy efficiency and Waste management.

Last year stood out on account of the reduction in the environmental impact achieved thanks to the progressive implementation of the New Efficient Store Model, as well as because of the publication of an Animal Welfare policy to be fulfilled by Mercadona and its suppliers.

Logistics Optimisation

An example of Mercadona’s logistics optimisation is its fresh products strategy, which seeks increasing the presence of locally sourced, quality fresh products, allowing for shortening the logistics chain, and this in turn reduces the environmental impact. Furthermore, the measures to keep the fleet of lorries active for as long as possible and always having them full are key factors for efficient, reduced environmental footprint logistics.

Energy savings

Mercadona applies a number of measures to reduce its energy consumption. These efforts have allowed the company to adapt to European and national strategies for combating climate change. An example of this is the company’s New Efficient Store Model, which is an improvement on the previous eco-efficient store, featuring energy efficiency measures that reduce its environmental footprint by 40% in comparison to the conventional store model.

Waste management

Mercadona has a number of measures implemented that have been designed to make the most of food products throughout the chain, and when this is not possible, it has redistribution programmes in place to ensure they reach those who need them the most.

Mercadona also applies numerous strategies to maximise the waste produced in both stores and warehouses. Mercadona’s integrated suppliers also develop their own strategies and constantly innovate to improve efficiency and reduce the impact of their processes.

In short, Mercadona has invested 52 million euros in measures that have a repercussion in terms of protecting the environment. This information and more may be read in Mercadona’s Environmental Report, which is available for download. 



Environmental policy report 2015-2016