Order your Christmas lunches and dinners from Mercadona. Find out the deadlines for picking up your orders.

Order your Christmas lunch or dinner from Mercadona

23 november 2020

This Christmas, let Mercadona cook for you. We’ll make you the most delicious Christmas dishes that you can take home with you.

So you’ll be able to enjoy getting together with your loved ones without having to worry about cooking, so you can just rest and relax for a few days.

Which stores have a Ready-to-Eat section with Christmas orders?

You can check the stores that offer Christmas orders in the Ready-to-Eat section here.

Below you will find the dates and deadlines for placing and picking up your orders. Order your Christmas lunches and dinners from us!

Place your order in our Ready-to-Eat section

These are the deadlines for placing your orders:


  • 23rd of November to *26th of December

*Only in stores that are open that day; in other stores and in the Canary Islands your orders can be placed until the 24th of December.


  • 4th of December to 31st of December. Orders must be placed four days in advance (seven days in advance in the Canary Islands). In other words, if for example you place your order on the 7th of December you can pick it up on the 11th of December in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. If you are in the Canary Islands you can pick it up on the 14th of December, seven days after ordering it.

What Christmas dishes can you order from Mercadona?

We have a wide variety of Christmas dishes available for you to enjoy at home. You can check them out in this brochure.

Portada Folleto Encargo 2020 Imagen

Choose your favourite dish, come and pick it up and enjoy these Christmas holidays with your loved ones.

If you have any questions, please ask in our Ready-to-Eat section.

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