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Update 2: Mercadona is adopting the following measures, which will come into force on Monday 23rd March 2020

21 march 2020

Pursuant to Art.10.2 of Spanish Royal Decree 463/2020 declaring the State of Alarm to address the healthcare crisis caused by Covid-19.


  • Mercadona, with the objective of protecting the health and safety of our customers and employees as well as ensuring the supply of our stores, is updating the measures adopted last Monday 16th March and Thursday 19th March, supplementing them with others that will come into force on Monday 23rd March 2020, underlined below so as to be more easily identified.



  • Customers shall be informed of the general recommendations to access stores and do their shopping, both from staff members as well as through signs, loud speaker announcements and social networks. These recommendations include:
    • Only one person per household should come to do their shopping (not an entire family, nor with children or in groups).
    • People who are members of at-risk groups should not come to do their shopping: the elderly, people with chronic diseases, etc.
    • People that will have priority access to do their shopping in our stores: the elderly, people with disabilities, with reduced mobility, the pregnant, and their necessary carers.
    • Shopping should be done at various times throughout the day, not at the opening time. By doing so, we will be able to assist all customers daily. 
    • In consideration of others, shopping should be done smoothly and quickly.
    • Don’t unnecessarily hoard products: the supply of basic necessities is more than sufficiently guaranteed.
    • Preferably, payment should be made by card as using cash should be avoided.
    • Each individual is ultimately responsible for complying with the recommendations established regarding distancing, maximum crowd sizes, and so forth. Gloves are available at stores and must be used to handle perishable goods.


  • CAPACITY: Crowd sizes at the supermarkets will be monitored and capacity and the minimum required distance between individuals will be indicated.
    • The store manager at each supermarket will be responsible for establishing internal capacity, as well as, where appropriate, the private security agent or individual assigned to this task.
    • Each establishment will specify maximum capacity, which will ensure the preventative distance of one metre between people. Likewise, each store will monitor its capacity; complying with regulations in such a manner that no access will be allowed once said capacity has been reached until other customers have left the premises. 
    • Public access points to each supermarket will be marked with a minimum distance of one metre for people waiting in line to enter the supermarket’s doors, which must be respected in order to gain access.
  • INTERIOR OF THE STORE: minimum separation of one metre between customers shall be respected, with recommendations from the store’s personnel, supported by signs reinforcing these measures, and the one-metre limits will also be marked on the ground in the Seafood area and in checkout lines.
  • HOURS: opening hours shall be from 9 am to 7 pm. However, considering the extraordinary nature of the situation, Mercadona will adapt to the changing circumstances, and if changes are made, they will be communicated as quickly as possible.


  • Store will remain supplied reinforcing and ensuring the supply of basic necessities so our customers can do their daily shopping.
  • With the objective of protecting food safety, no product returns will be admitted under any circumstances.


With the aim of increasing the health and safety measures protecting our “Bosses” and employees, from Monday 23rd March and throughout the week we will be installing Perspex screens for protection/separation at the tills of all our supermarkets.

Furthermore, Mercadona has adopted internal measures to strengthen the health and safety of its employees, including the company providing the necessary hygiene and prevention tools and the adoption of specific criteria regarding health.

Likewise, the daily cleaning and disinfection processes in our facilities have been reinforced with external services.

Also, disinfectant gel and paper towels have been installed in each supermarket so that clients may clean the handle of their trolley, ensuring its hygiene. Also, the use of gloves, the same type that are used in the Fruit and Vegetable sections, is to be obligatory for clients. The company will make these available at the supermarket entrances.

At this time, and in view of the extraordinary situation in which the country finds itself, Mercadona is adopting these extraordinary collaborative measures to confront this crisis. We kindly ask our customers for maximum collaboration in complying with these measures.



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