Mercadona employee in the butcher section of a supermarket

These are the employment conditions at Mercadona

22 august 2018
  • The company focuses its Human Resource policies on Mercadona employee satisfaction.
  • The working conditions at Mercadona stand out for offering stable quality employment with salaries above the industry average.

Mercadona employees are a very important asset. The 84,000 employees comprising the Mercadona workforce focus their talent towards the common purpose of offering excellent service to the "Bosses" (customers).

To achieve this goal, it is necessary that Mercadona employees are also satisfied, therefore the company applies Human Resource policies based on values ​​such as stable, quality employment with salaries above the industry average, among others.

Discover the primary working conditions for Mercadona employees.

Employment conditions at Mercadona

  • Stable quality employment: Mercadona personnel have permanent contracts from the first day with salaries above the industry average.

Data regarding all Mercadona personnel and starting salary for core personnel in 2017

  • A differential remuneration policy above the industry average: Mercadona employees increase their salaries by 11% as they advance in seniority within the company, up to a maximum of five tranches.
  • Profit Sharing: Mercadona employees are recognised for their effort, thus the company shares with them profit obtained throughout the year.

Data regarding bonuses distributed among 98% of Mercadona employees in 2017

  • Equality and equity: The Mercadona Human Resource Model fosters values ​​of equality, diversity and tolerance; not distinguished by gender, age or other conditions. Equity is another value that may not be withdrawn, and materialised through the principle of "same responsibility, same salary".

Distribution of core and managerial personnel based on gender in 2017

  • Reconciliation: Within the objective of employee satisfaction, Mercadona facilitates work and family life balance. Therefore, it offers the possibility of reduced working hours or extending maternity leave up to one month.

Data regarding work and personal life balance of Mercadona employees in 2017

  • Training and internal promotion: Mercadona is committed to continual training of its personnel while allocating significant personal and financial resources. The opportunity for internal promotion is also encouraged.

Data regarding investment in Mercadona employee training in 2017

  • Transparency and participation: Mercadona employees are aware of the company's objectives and relevant information. Additionally, their participation and dialogue are essential for the progress and development of the company.

These Mercadona working conditions have been recognised by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), of the United Nations in its study "Non-standard employment around the world".

Likewise, Mercadona is the first company in the Distribution Generalist sector in Spain and the second with the best reputation in the “2018 General Business Ranking" in the Spanish Corporate Reputation monitor (MERCO).

For more information regarding Mercadona working conditions visit our website, in the Employment section or download our annual report

Header image: Eva, Mercadona employee in Miralbueno, Zaragoza.