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Mercadona will build its main regulating logistics block in a Parc Sagunt plot

07 december 2016
  • The Parque Empresarial de Sagunto, S.L. Board of Directors has agreed to adjudicate plot Z-2, which is located in Motor de Valero street of the Parc Sagunt business park, to Mercadona.
  •  Its strategic location makes it one of the best options for the company to build its Main Regulating Warehouse, aimed at supplying its entire logistics network.

Mercadona, a 100% Spanish-owned, family-run chain of supermarkets will build a new logistics block in Parc Sagunt after having been adjudicated parcel Z-2, which is located in Motor de Valero street, in the aforementioned business park in Sagunto, Valencia.

In representation of the proprietors of the plot - 50% owned by the Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial and SEPI Desarrollo Empresarial -, today, the Parc de Sagunt Board of Directors has agreed to approve Mercadona’s 24 million euros offer, and to the adjudication of parcel Z-2.

Ximo Puig, president of the Valencian Community has highlighted the “crucial support” the construction of Mercadona’s new logistics block represents, after the unblocking of Parc Sagunt, in order that it becomes the Valencian Community’s main logistics centre. “It proves the trust placed on our region by an important company such as Mercadona by settling here”, said the president, adding that it will entail “a real boost for the region and the Valencian Community as a whole”.

According to Mercadona’s Managing Director of Logistics Oriol Montanyà, “in addition to its strategic location, the 358,270 square metres of the Parc Sagunt plot acquired makes it one of the best options for reinforcing the company’s logistics services. What will in time become Mercadona’s Main Logistics Warehouse will be built in different stages. Said plot represents an opportunity for reinforcing our logistics network, as it will become our Main Regulating Warehouse for the rest of the blocks, and of all types of references”. In addition, he added that “this new project will allow us to increase our productivity and optimise the efficiency of the rest of our warehouses, in aid of achieving our objective, which is to continue to transport more and more, using fewer resources”.

Quico Fernández, Mayor of Sagunto and member of the Parc Sagunt Board of Directors has expressed his satisfaction “because this project does not only showcase that the great effort we have made to re-boost Parc Sagunt was worthwhile, I am also convinced that it will in time attract many more investments, and it will need to be expanded in the near future. Sagunto will be at the forefront of our country’s re-industrialisation and financial recuperation. Parc Sagunt had always been referred to as the Mediterranean’s industrial estate, but companies were not setting up here. We are now set to transition between what is virtual to what is real, and what’s more, with Mercadona, which is Valencia’s most important company”.

Additionally, SEPI Desarrollo Empresarial (SEPIDES) has stated that one of the paths for revitalising corporate activity is the development of financial reactivation programmes for the design, construction and promotion of industrial estates in cooperation with official bodies, and the sale of plot Z-2 is a clear example of results having been obtained, thanks to the collaboration of different Government Institutions in favour of industrial promotion and revitalisation. The sales operation of plot Z-2 to Mercadona will come as a great support for the Sagunto area, and it will no doubt contribute towards the area’s revitalisation and prosperity.

This new, Main Regulating Warehouse will in turn be supplied by the company’s other warehouses strewn throughout the country, and it will perform the essential role of supplying them, in order to guarantee the necessary stock levels for each kind of product, regardless of their origin or final destination.

Mercadona currently has an efficient logistics network comprised of 13 logistics blocks and 3 satellite warehouses. In 2007, the company decided to invest in a new warehouse model and an intelligent, innovative and fully automated logistics block that fosters quality employment in warehouses. The company foresees replicating its intelligent warehousing model in this new logistics block whose design is now due to start, as it allows for eliminating unnecessary handling and strain by the employees, contributing towards preventing the risk of work accidents while also increasing productivity and efficiency. 

Header screen: Panoramic photograph of the Logistics block in Abrera (Barcelona).