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Aguamur and Valle de San Juan become Mercadona’s new integrated supplier-manufacturers

29 october 2016
  • Aguamur produces and bottles natural mineral water, and has been one of the company’s suppliers since 2001, while Valle de San Juan produces sheep cheese and has been a supplier since 2011.
  • In this way, Mercadona strengthens its relationship with Aguamur and Valle de San Juan while reinforcing its network of integrated supplier-manufacturers, who jointly invested some 525 million euros in 2015 in aid of generating an efficient industry.

Mercadona has broadened its network of integrated supplier-manufacturers with two new incorporations, namely Aguamur S.L., which is based in the province of Murcia, and Valle de San Juan Palencia S.L., located in the area of Palencia, both of which have become part of the network of integrated supplier-manufacturers that comprise Mercadona’s industrial cluster. In this way, Mercadona consolidates the relationship with both producers, who had already been supplying the company - for more than 15 years in the case of the water supplier, and from 2011 where the sheep cheese producer is concerned.

Aguamur is a family-run business that produces and bottles natural mineral water that comes from the NEVAL spring, which is located in Sierra de Segura, in Moratalla (Murcia), and it distributes water bottles to more than 350 stores in 7 different provinces, including Alicante, Murcia, Almeria and Albacete. The company has 30 staff and had a turnover of more than 10 million euros in 2015.

In turn, the new integrated supplier-manufacturer Valle de San Juan is a family-run business with more than 20 years’ experience in the production of sheep cheese using “Raw Milk”, and it has 48 staff members. The company currently distributes “Strong cured sheep Cheese” to more than 1,500 of Mercadona’s stores located throughout the country. Furthermore, Valle San Juan foresees modernising and expanding its Villarrabé (Palencia) factory, to become fully operational in 2017. The initial investment foreseen for this project is of 5.2 million euros, and 12 jobs are expected to be created.

An industrial cluster of more than 240 factories in Spain

For years, the Mercadona Project has promoted a network of integrated supplier-manufacturers with whom it intends to contribute towards invigorating the economy of the areas where it is present. This commitment is showcased by means of important investments that allow for starting up and consolidating a number of business initiatives that constitute one of the most important differential factors that mark a country’s development.

Currently, Mercadona’s industrial cluster is comprised of more than 240 factories strewn around Spain, and the total workforce is over 47,100 people-strong.

Framework Agreement of Good Commercial Practices

Mercadona’s relationship with its integrated supplier-manufacturers is regulated by the Framework Agreement of Good Commercial Practices, which is sustained by a series of principles, among which are mutual cooperation (as synergies are established between all of the assembly chain’s processes), the joint objective (based on the foundations of the Quality Model), the principle of win-win (whereby agreements that are beneficial for both parties are established), correct delivery (as goals are met in the established deadlines), transparency (increasing productivity and competitiveness), and the principle of stability (as it is an agreement of indefinite duration whose deadlines are known to both parties).