Logo on the exterior of a Mercadona supermarket

Mercadona, in collaboration with the Madrid Food Bank, delivering products to the Ifema field hospital

27 march 2020
  • The company has provided the hospital with essential products such as water, juice, milk, and smoothies to lend a hand during the extraordinary situation caused by COVID-19.

Mercadona, a company with physical supermarkets and online sales, wishes to show its solidarity during this extraordinary situation taking place in the Community of Madrid with everyone who is currently in the field hospital set up at Ifema to cope with the health alert caused by the spread of the coronavirus.

The company has provided the hospital with basic necessities in individual packaging, thus facilitating their distribution among everyone who is currently on site during these efforts. Mercadona, as part of its corporate social responsibility, is committed to offering help to those who are at this field hospital during a particularly difficult time for all Madrid residents in which the pandemic is having an especially harsh impact on the Community of Madrid.

In doing so, the company has provided drinks such as water, smoothies, milk, and juice, in addition to other products such as dried fruit or energy bars, which are available daily to everyone present. Mercadona hopes to answer the call and help to alleviate the extraordinarily complex situation that is taking place as best as possible, and to lend a hand during these difficult times to everyone who is suffering from it at Ifema, where this hospital has been set up.

This is just a part of the actions that the company has launched throughout Spain in recent days, aimed both at protecting employee health and guaranteeing that its stores are supplied. Mercadona is also looking after the most disadvantaged groups during this situation, giving preference to the elderly and disabled individuals in their shopping, and healthcare, police, firefighting, and social care personnel as well.

Likewise, and in order to continue assisting the most disadvantaged groups, Mercadona has reactivated basic necessity donations to the Soup Kitchens and Food Banks in Madrid with which the company regularly collaborates.



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