Mercadona opened today its first supermarket in Ceuta

Mercadona opened its first supermarket in the Autonomous City of Ceuta today

13 september 2018
  • The new store, located in La Almadraba, has created 128 new stable and quality jobs.
  • The new supermarket, in which the company has invested €7.6M, has a 2,062 m2 sales floor and 210 parking spaces.

Mercadona opened today its first supermarket in Ceuta. The first of the two new stores planned by the company in the autonomous city has received a €7.6 million investment and is located in La Almadraba.

The new supermarket has created 128 new stable and quality jobs and responds to the New Efficient Store Model that Mercadona is implementing in its site network. The first supermarket of the company in Ceuta has a 2,062 m2 sales floor surface and 210 parking spots. Its design has been completely renewed with regards to the previous store model. It includes new colours and materials at the store entrance as well as in the organisation of the different areas. This model provides wide open spaces that encourage natural light and uses warm colours to differentiate the areas.

Section updates

The new store has updated all sections to everyone's benefits: from the “Bosses” (as the company calls its clients) to the employees, suppliers and society. There is a new double glass entrance that prevents air currents, specific aisles for fresh milk and cold juice, a new cutting area for meat, a new deli section with ham cutting, a new central gondola in the cosmetics section for specialised beauty products, and a fresh orange juice machine, among others.

This new Efficient Store Model by Mercadona also intends to offer the best service by easing client shopping; this is done with wider fruit and vegetable aisles, and two new lighter and more ergonomic shopping trolleys.

Furthermore, the new supermarket includes many measures to improve ergonomics and avoid overstrain, facilitating the daily tasks of employees. To design the new till furniture, Mercadona worked with the Valencian Biomechanics Institute. There is also a common room for employees to enjoy more comfort during their breaks, a better equipped dining area, as well as wider and more comfortable personal lockers.

Energy savings and fully automated management: eco-efficient store

Environmentally, the new Efficient Store Model by Mercadona has taken steps to reduce energy consumption by up to 40% compared to the traditional store model, thanks to an improvement of the thermal and acoustic insulation, the optimisation of materials and thickness of walls and ceilings, and the use of new freezer chests that are more energy-efficient. It also provides an automated LED lighting system that self-regulates depending on the area and time of day. 

This new Store Model by Mercadona, that makes full use of technology, includes electronic devices and collaborative tools for the employees. This will enable them to share information from any part of the store, which simplifies the self-management of the supermarket and streamlines the processes of the chain. Among these new devices, there are tills, scales, and electronic tablets that replace paper in administrative tasks. 

This new store brings clients in the autonomous city of Ceuta the benefit of Mercadona's ALP (Always Low Prices) business policy, a company exclusive, that means Mercadona guarantees the lowest price per product unit, with the best quality, at all times. This enables Mercadona to offer its clients an efficient selection, regardless of the product manufacturer, with the greatest quality and at the lowest price possible.