Exterior of the fourth Mercadona Hive in Alicante

Mercadona launches its new online shopping in Murcia

24 june 2022
  • The new online service arrives in the city of Murcia and towns of Molina de Segura and Santomera.
  • With a final investment of over 14 million euros, the new online warehouse, located in Alicante, has a staff of 185 people.
  • Mercadona maintains sustained purchasing of over 1.284 billion euros per year from Murcian suppliers.

Mercadona has launched the new online service in the city of Murcia and in towns of the municipalities of Molina de Segura and Santomera. The orders will be prepared and sent to its customers from The Hive, the name that the company uses internally for the warehouses dedicated to the online service.

All customers of these regions can make their purchase through the new website and mobile application, in a much more intuitive way, being able to locate products through categories or the search engine. The customer has photos of each product and all pertinent information.

This new model maintains the same delivery price as the previous service (€7.21/order) and expands the delivery window to 7am to 10pm from Monday to Saturday, in two-hour slots starting the day after the order is placed. Additionally, the customer can alter their order until the night of the day prior to its delivery.

The Hive has an area of 10,000m2, of which 2,200m2 are dedicated to fresh products, including a cold storage area for refrigerated and frozen products. Online clients can find the same products as in their physical Store, and fresh products are also received and prepared on the day of delivery, thereby guaranteeing maximum quality and freshness.

This Hive is the fourth that Mercadona has opened, after the launch of the Hives in Valencia in 2018, Barcelona in 2019 and Madrid in 2020. A total of 1,600 people work at Mercadona Online, with stable, quality employment. Additionally, the company plans to open its fifth Hive in Seville at the end of the year.

Mercadona has also developed a new order preparation and delivery model from physical stores, for areas with a lower concentration of online sales. This model is currently being implemented in Castellón and Tarragona, and in autumn the company plans to extend it to Cartagena. In this way, customers of this area will also be able to shop from the new app and website, enjoying the new online service with all its advantages.

Sustainability and efficiency

At this Hive, Mercadona has 50 vehicles with the ECO environmental label, with both micro hybrids and natural gas vehicles which can transport up to 15 orders. These vehicles have been exclusively designed with 3 temperature zones for different types of products: room temperature, refrigerated, and frozen, guaranteeing the cold chain until delivery at the customer’s home. They also incorporate a mechanised unloading system that minimizes the handling of loads, resulting in less strain for employees and shorter unloading times.

Furthermore, on the surface of the roof, 700 photovoltaic panels have been installed. With them, the Hive is self-sufficient in its daily energy consumption. Improvements have been made to the installations, such as optimisation of corridors so that the routes of employees are completed in fewer steps. Moreover, the vehicle entrance and exit has been designed efficiently and there are two trailer docks, improving the supply process.

Mercadona in the Region of Murcia

Mercadona has 63 supermarkets in the Region of Murcia, which provide stable, quality employment for 3,000 people. A clear example of its commitment to the Region of Murcia is the over 1.284 billion euros in purchases from Murcian suppliers in 2021.

Additionally, one of Mercadona’s commitments to society is to share part of what it has received, and over the course of the last year it has strengthened its social responsibility in the Region through various initiatives, donating over 256 tonnes of food to social entities in Murcia. This is the case of the donations to the 6 charity canteens with which it works in the Region of Murcia, to which it donates essential products each day, as well as to entities such as the Banco de Alimentos del Segura food bank, among others.

New Mercadona online service in MurciaNew Mercadona online service in Murcia.

Mercadona online service delivering in MurciaMercadona online service delivering in Murcia.

Header image: Exterior of the fourth Mercadona Hive in Alicante.