New Mercadona uniforms

Mercadona invests 29 million euros in the renewal of all store employees’ uniforms

04 march 2019
  • The current uniforms will be replaced by more modern and ergonomic ones, in accordance with the New Efficient Store Model image.
  • The new uniform will be deployed between March and July.
  • The new clothes are made of more resistant fabrics, with designs that enable greater mobility, improving the entire staff’s work.

Mercadona, the physical supermarket and online shopping company, has started today the replacement of its current store uniforms by a new, more ergonomic and modern design.  The clothing renewal, which has already been implemented for the employees in the more than 400 supermarkets which the company has adapted to its New Efficient Store Model across Spain, will be gradually deployed to the rest of stores until it extends to all the chain supermarkets by 22 July.

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This project has entailed an investment for 29 million euros. The main goal of this renewal is to improve the store staff's work by means of more comfortable uniforms.  Elastic fabrics have been used and shirt design has been improved, seeking greater mobility. The quality of all clothes has also been improved, ensuring breathability, mobility, fabric resistance, and colours. Together with these ergonomic improvements, the design of the new uniform has also been updated, to make it more modern and in accordance with the style of the New Efficient Store Model, which the company is gradually implementing in the more than 1,600 stores that it has across Spain.

Recognition of the HR policy

This initiative, which is part of the measures which the company applies to satisfy employees, reinforces the company's Human Resources policy, which supports the creation of stable, high-quality employment and promotes measures that encourage staff members’ personal and professional development. Because of this, Mercadona has been highlighted one more year in the 2018 Merco Talento survey, leading once again the ranking in its sector, and holding the sixth position in the overall ranking. Harvard Business Review also highlighted Mercadona's internal management of talent, and the International Labour Organisation (ILO), which depends on the United Nations, appreciated the efforts the company puts into training, balancing work and personal life, and sharing profit. In late 2018, the company also signed with the majority trade unions its new 2019-2023 Collective Agreement and Equality Plan. This new more egalitarian and social plan reinforces Mercadona’s commitment to stable and quality employment while improving employment conditions and at the same time consolidating its commitment to improving the purchasing power of the workforce with a minimum basic salary of €1328 a month/gross, in addition to the Remuneration Policy supplements and a progressive raise in the basic salary linked to the CPI.

New Mercadona uniformNew Mercadona uniform

New Mercadona uniformNew Mercadona uniform

New Mercadona maintenance staff uniformNew Mercadona maintenance staff uniform

New uniform for the Mercadona Beauty sectionNew uniform for the Mercadona Beauty section