Donation to Ifema by Mercadona

Mercadona, in collaboration with the Military Emergencies Unit (UME), delivers basic hygiene products to the field hospital at Ifema

13 april 2020
  • The company, through the UME (Military Emergencies Unit), has provided the field hospital set up at Ifema with essential hygiene products, including toothpaste, toothbrushes, shower gel-shampoo, razors and shaving foam.
  • This latest initiative means Mercadona has now donated 60 tonnes of food and basic hygiene products in the Autonomous Community of Madrid, these having gone to the field hospital at Ifema and welfare organisations. 

Mercadona, a company which has physical supermarkets and an online store, wishes to continue supporting all those who currently find themselves at the hospital which has been set up at Ifema to deal with the health crisis caused by the spread of the coronavirus.

Through the UME, it has delivered basic hygiene products for patients at this hospital, including toothpaste, shampoo, sponges, razors and shaving gel, with the aim of helping all those being treated there during these difficult times.

Eduardo Sanchís, Head of Mercadona’s Safety Division, has stressed the company’s commitment ‘to everyone who is doing their bit to help during this crisis, in particular the Military Emergencies Unit in this case, which has asked us to help those admitted at this hospital by providing them with basic hygiene products’.

This comes after a number of other initiatives launched by the company throughout Spain in recent days, aimed at protecting the health of its staff and ensuring its stores are supplied with goods. Mercadona is also looking after those who are particularly vulnerable during this crisis, such as the elderly and disabled by giving them preference when doing their shopping, as well healthcare workers, the police, firefighters and social care workers.

Moreover, in order to continue helping the most vulnerable, Mercadona has once again started donating essential products to the Soup Kitchens and Food Banks in Madrid it has been regularly working with.

A sustainable social action policy integrated into Mercadona’s CSR strategy

As part of its commitment to give back to society, Mercadona has created a Social Responsibility Plan, which addresses social and ethical issues through various sustainable lines of action that reinforce its commitment to grow together with society. As part of this policy, Mercadona works with more than 210 soup kitchens and 60 food banks, as well as other welfare organisations throughout Spain and Portugal, to which it donates food on a daily basis. It also participates in food collection initiatives. In 2019, the company donated 9,218 tonnes of food to them, 9,100 in Spain and 218 in Portugal. It also works with 32 foundations and occupational centres to decorate its stores with mosaic murals made by more than 1,000 people with varying degrees of disability.

ThisdoesNOThavetoSTOP because This Will Pass

New delivery of basic hygiene products to the Field Hospital at Ifema alongside the UMENew delivery of basic hygiene products to the Field Hospital at Ifema.