Mercadona employee at one of the company's logistics centres

Mercadona hires 9,000 employees for the 2018 summer season

08 may 2018
  • This year Mercadona will hire 2,000 more employees than the 7,000 recruited for the 2017 season.
  • The company increases its staff from May to September to accommodate the arrival of tourists and maintain its excellent service.
  • These new Mercadona employees, in stores and in logistics centres, earn a net monthly salary of €1,132 and receive specialised training for their job position.

Mercadona, a 100% Spanish capital, family-owned supermarket company, is hiring 9,000 employees for the 2018 summer season, which spans from May to September. The company increases its staff to guarantee an excellent service during those months, when the arrival of tourists coincides with the vacation periods of the rest of the staff.

All new employees receive a net monthly salary of €1,132 and specialised training for their job position. This year, the summer season has an increased number of recruited workers compared to the 7,000 new hires last year.

The HR Hiring Manager, José Elías Portalés, has emphasised that the aim of reinforcing the current 84,000-employee workforce is to “offer our 'bosses' (clients) the same excellent service as they daily receive all year long when they shop at our more than 1,600 stores all over Spain”.

Pregnant Mercadona employee in a supermarket in AsturiasEmployee at the Viesques supermarket in Gijon, Asturias.

Recognition of the Mercadona's Human Resources Policy

Mercadona, known for offering quality employment, stood out and ranked first in its industry once more in the Merco Talento 2017 Study. It also gained three positions in the general ranking, placing sixth. Harvard Business Review highlighted Mercadona's internal management of talent, and the International Labour Organisation (ILO), which depends on the United Nations, appreciated the efforts the company puts into training, balancing work and personal life, and sharing profit, among others. An example of these policies in 2017 are the 2,042 female workers that became mothers and chose to extend 30 days their maternity leave, as well as the 313 million Euro in company profit that were distributed among the staff as bonuses.


Header image: Employee at a Mercadona logistics centre.