Mercadona and union representatives sign a new Collective Bargaining Agreement

Mercadona and unions sign the new collective agreement with a salary increase of up to 6%

18 december 2023
  • El incremento del salario base se vincula al IPC, hasta un 2,5%, y, en caso de ser superior, se completará este incremento hasta un máximo del 6%, vinculado a los objetivos del beneficio de la compañía.
  • El Convenio Colectivo de Empresa entrará en vigor el 1 de enero de 2024 y tendrá una vigencia de cinco años, hasta su finalización en el 2028.
  • Se garantiza un sueldo base mínimo de entrada de 1.507 euros al mes/brutos, un 20% más sobre el salario mínimo interprofesional.
  • A este salario se suman, entre otros, los complementos de su Política Retributiva que suponen incrementos de un 11% anual hasta el tramo 5, lo que representa un 60% más sobre el salario mínimo interprofesional.
  • La compañía continúa avanzando en sus políticas de aplicación del descanso semanal, pioneras en el sector, haciendo ahora extensible a los trabajadores de las colmenas y bloques logísticos el descanso de al menos 8 fines de semana al año.

Mercadona and the representatives of the General Workers’ Union (UGT), Workers’ Commissions (CC.OO.) and the Independent Union (S.I.) have signed the new Company Collective Agreement. This agreement, which reinforces the importance of shared and sustainable growth, will come into effect on the 1st of January 2024, and will last for 5 years, until the end of 2028.

The agreement guarantees the purchasing power of the staff. The base salary increase is linked to the CPI, up to 2.5%, and in case of being greater, the company will supplement this increase up to a maximum of 6%, a percentage linked with the profit targets of the company. This measure is in line with the model of wealth creation and distribution of shared profits that the company has been applying for years.

Additionally, the company now guarantees a minimum starting salary of 1,507 gross euros/month (20% more than the interprofessional minimum wage). In addition to this salary, among other supplements are those of the company remuneration policy, entailing annual increases of 11% up to tranche 5, which may reach up to 60% more than the interprofessional minimum wage.

Mercadona continues to be a pioneer in the sector with the introduction of work-life balance policies. The new agreement extends rest of 8 weekends per year to employees of Hives (exclusive warehouses for online sales) and logistics centres. This initiative will come into effect progressively in 2024 and will be completed in 2025, which will entail the measure reaching the majority of staff. Likewise, the company is committed to reducing the working day in 2025.

Mercadona labour relations manager, Ruth García, highlights that “this new agreement is the result of effort from all parties involved to guarantee the satisfaction of the over 100,000 people that make up Mercadona, who are the reason for its success and the growth of the company. It is a company whose management model is based on satisfying employees, because it is they who satisfy the over 5.7 million households (our “Bosses”, as we call them internally at Mercadona) every day.”

Lola Luna Fernández, national manager of the commerce sector of FeSMC UGT, highlights the importance of this agreement, being that with the greatest impact in the sector, and very positively views the agreements reached in this negotiation. These agreements will allow the people who work at Mercadona to continue leading the sector, not only in terms of economic remuneration, but also in terms of quality of workday distribution and eligible breaks, which facilitates the work-life balance which is so demanded in the commerce sector. She thanks the company and union representatives for their effort and dedication during this negotiation, which has allowed this important agreement to be signed.

Jose María Martínez, general secretary of the Federation of Services of the Workers’ Commissions, indicates, “We understand that this agreement once again demonstrates that, through social dialogue, new working realities can be adapted with the participation of all parties: the company and legal representation of the employees. Making this adaptation, improving working conditions and increasing the salaries that guarantee purchasing power in the largest company of the sector. The continuation of the observatory created in the previous agreement must also be highlighted, which will study how the workday will be reduced and analyse its distribution.”

“From the first company collective agreement of Mercadona S.A. to the current one, the Independent Union, participating in its negotiation, has had two goals: to maintain the purchasing power of all employees and the continuous creation of stable employment. A true social commitment! The most outstanding collective agreement in the sector,” as the secretary of the Independent Union, Fermín Palacios Cortes, states.

Mercadona and union representatives sign a new Collective Bargaining AgreementRepresentatives of the General Workers’ Union, Workers’ Commissions, the Independent Union and Mercadona at the “Jarrods” Co-innovation Centre in Paterna, Valencia.