Employees at a Mercadona logistics centre

Mercadona and trade unions sign a new Equality Plan

16 april 2024
  • The plan enters into force in April and will be effective for 4 years.
  • The agreement reiterates Mercadona’s ongoing commitment to promoting equality throughout the company in all processes and for all the people who make up Mercadona.
  • The company remains focused on achieving good results in terms of Equality.

Mercadona, the physical supermarket and online retailer, has signed its new Equality Plan with representatives of the General Union of Workers (UGT) and the Workers’ Commissions (CCOO). The plan enters into force in April and will be in place for four years until 2028.

The new plan aims to reinforce the company’s positive performance in recent years, including gender parity in its management team through measures based on internal promotion and the balanced professional development of women and men through its Management Skills Course. Furthermore, the company continues to foster equal treatment and opportunities through its management model (Total Quality Model) based on unwavering values such as equal pay by guaranteeing “equal pay for equal responsibilities” and measures to increase salary transparency.

Mercadona, whose Equality Plan has been endorsed by trade union representatives for over 14 years, continues to promote equality across the board in all processes (e.g. training, promotion, pay, etc.) and for all employees, while guaranteeing the absence of direct and indirect discrimination.

Rafa Caparrós, UGT State Administrator: “We firmly believe that this plan represents a further step forward in the professional development of people, especially the women who work at Mercadona, through objectives and measures based on the analysis of real results. We are determined more than ever to make effective equality between women and men at Mercadona a commitment and a reality.”

Silvia Yankowich, General Secretary of the CCOO Trade Union Division: “We view the progress achieved to date as very positive, confirming the positive results of this type of agreement. Through this plan, we remain committed to working together to strengthen equality between women and men.”

Meanwhile, in the words of Ernesto Cubero, Mercadona’s Director of Labour Relations, “We are proud of the Equality Model and the joint effort made to constantly improve labour relations and the quality of employment of the more than 100,000 people who make up Mercadona’s workforce.”

Mercadona supermarket employeesNoelia and Miguel Ángel, Mercadona store employees.