Red de proveedores

Supplier network

Mercadona maintains a close and constant collaboration with each one of its specialist suppliers and intersuppliers based on trust and specialisation in each product


specialist product suppliers and intersuppliers



suppliers and service


A responsible model

Mercadona implements a responsible relationship model with specialist suppliers and intersuppliers. Therefore, it focuses not only on conclusive quality, food safety and unbeatable prices, but it also places the same level of requirement on the ethics of its activity, which involves maintaining sustainable production criteria, being oriented toward social and environmental responsibility, total commitment to the defence of human rights, commitment to good practices in animal welfare, sustainable fishing and agriculture, and common strategies that pursue shared growth and the generation of value for society.

Shared growth

The impact of the Mercadona Project results in the consolidation of an ecosystem that drives growth and development and the creation and promotion of a powerful and leading industrial cluster in the general distribution sector. In addition to Spain and Portugal, the company is present in 13 countries where 37 people work with the best specialist suppliers and intersuppliers to strengthen Mercadona's selection and service.

€28,320 M

purchases in Spain and Portugal

€27,142 M

purchases in Spain 

€1,178 M

purchases in Portugal 

Efficient and sustainable logistics

With the goal of being able to supply the 1,681 supermarkets Mercadona has in both Spain and Portugal, the company has an efficient logistics network. 


logistics centres in operation 

€276 M

in investment