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Supplier network

Mercadona and its suppliers have taken important steps along the path to becoming a Radical Totaler through an efficient selection to always satisfy "The Boss"


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A model based on commitment

Mercadona establishes a relationship with its suppliers based on transparency, trust and planning, in which commitment to quality and specialisation are unquestionable. A relationship that seeks shared growth and guarantees maximum quality in each product, unbeatable prices and excellent service with ethical manufacturing criteria in relation to sustainable production and social responsibility.

Shared growth

Mercadona has been collaborating with specialist suppliers for several years to work together to build a sustainable agri-food chain and significant industrial cluster. In addition, besides Spain and Portugal, it is present in 12 countries, where it has been working with the best specialist suppliers for many years, whose products, which are integrated into Mercadona's selection, enable the company to meet the needs of its customers and guarantee maximum quality at unbeatable prices.

€23,112 M

in purchases 

€22,323 M

in purchases in Spain 

€789 M

in purchases in Portugal 

Efficient and sustainable logistics

With the goal of being able to supply the 1,676 supermarkets that Mercadona has in both Spain and Portugal, the company has an efficient logistics network.


logistics centres in operation 

€129 M

in investment