Mercadona promueve una gestión responsable en línea con su decisión de contribuir a proteger y preservar el planeta.

and shared growth

Mercadona engages with society to create and build a business model that has a greater positive impact on the environment and planet

€2,604 M

in tax contributions

(+15 %)


 jobs in Spain

(3.66% of the total employment in Spain)


of the GDP in Spain 

(€30,768 M aggregate contribution) 

Environmental management

Mercadona considers the environment another component within its business model, and through its Environmental Management System, makes constant efforts to optimise the use of natural resources and minimise the impact generated by its activity on the different environments in which it is present.


solar panels


emissions between 2015 and 2022 


charging stations for electric vehicles 

Commitments to society

Mercadona's Social Action Plan promotes shared growth through charity projects, which are key for social balance. A project with the goal of growing together with society and building a company that society wants to exist and can feel proud of. 


tonnes donated 


soup kitchens


food banks and other entities

Commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals 

Commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals 

Since 2011, Mercadona has been a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. Through its participation, the company is committed to defending fundamental values concerning human rights, labour regulations and the fight against corruption.

Mercadona is making progress in seeking solutions and responses to the needs arising from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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