Internal talent

Internal Talent

Mercadona has a workforce whose daily involvement has been a determining factor in successfully navigating the context of uncertainty


people in the workforce


new jobs


gross/month salary for +4 years 

≃62% the Official Minimum Wage

Shared profit

The company recognises each employee by sharing its profit with those who get involved and achieve previously set, specific annual targets.


of people receive a bonus

€405 M

distributed to the workforce 

Ongoing training and learning
€100 M

in training


employees promoted

One of the main driving forces for the growth of the company is investing in training.  

Committed to equality and diversity

female managers


women in the workforce

Mercadona’s human resources management model promotes equality and diversity through equitable treatment in all areas and for all purposes, rejecting any type of discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, nationality, or any other reason.

Work-life balance measures

It is fundamental to consolidate a motivated and close-knit team to foster the well-being of the employees. For this reason, Mercadona promotes respect for the working day and analyses the unique features of each position and people's needs with a view to developing policies and strategies with which to create a working climate that promotes balance between professional, personal and family life.  


people took maternity/paternity leave


people took advantage of reduced working hours ​


people requested leaves of absence to take care of children