Internal Talent

Internal Talent

Mercadona is firmly committed to all the people who make up its staff, one of the priority links and the reason behind the success of its business project


people in the workforce 


new jobs 


gross/month salary for +4 years

≃59 %  the Official Minimum Wage

Shared profit

The individual involvement of Mercadona’s workforce has been rewarded with the distribution of 600 million euros of profits as performance-related bonuses.


The figure for the performance-related bonus, earned by almost 100% of staff in 2023, represents an increase of 50% compared with the previous financial year.   

€600 M

distributed among the workforce


compared to 2022

Commitment to training
€111 M

 in training 


employees promoted

One of the main driving forces for the growth of the company is investing in training.

Equality, diversity and integration

female managers


women in the workforce

The Mercadona Total Quality Model believes in people and considers respect to be an essential principle for consolidating a healthy working environment while also rejecting any type of discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, nationality, union membership or any other reason.

Work-life balance measures

It is fundamental to consolidate a motivated and close-knit team to foster the well-being of the employees. For this reason, Mercadona promotes respect for the working day and analyses the unique features of each position and people's needs with a view to developing policies and strategies with which to create a working climate that promotes balance between professional, personal and family life.  


people took maternity/paternity leave 


took advantage of reduced working hours


people took leaves of absence to take care of children ​