Listening to the “Bosses” is essential to fulfil the primary goal of satisfying the customers who choose to visit our stores every day


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Efficient supermarkets

The company has its own pioneering store model that offers a better shopping experience, improved layout of the selection and greater convenience. Additionally, it contributes to reinforcing its commitment to sustainability by generating energy savings of up to 40% compared to a conventional store.


efficient stores


stores offering Ready-to-Eat

€650 M

invested in new store openings, refurbishments and others

Committed to quality and innovation

Thanks to the Co-innovation Model, Mercadona has continued to improve and adapt its Efficient Selection to the tastes and specific needs of the “Bosses”. In 2023, the company held a total of 11,000 working sessions at its 23 co-innovation centres in Spain and Portugal.

To carry out this collaboration process, 200 specialists work at these centres, who, throughout the year, have driven the development of 500 improvements, 314 new products and 20 product innovations.

Mercadona Online

The Mercadona online shopping service has continued to grow. The company has six Hives, warehouses exclusively for online sales, located in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante and Seville. In this financial year, in order to strengthen this type of service, the company opened its sixth Hive in August, specifically in the Madrid town of Boadilla del Monte.

€650 M

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