Mercadona’s renewable energy milestone

Mercadona officially opens its largest solar installation and its total renewable energy output reaches 100 MW across the entire chain

21 june 2024
  • Located at the company’s logistics centre in Abrera (Barcelona), the new installation consists of 16,500 solar panels, delivering a total output of 8 MW and with the capacity to generate 9.5 GWh per year, thereby reducing annual CO2 emissions by 1,270 tonnes.
  • Mercadona's rooftop installations now produce a total of 100 MW (for on-site consumption). This total power supply will allow the company to generate energy equivalent to the annual consumption of 40,000 homes and reduce CO2 emissions by 16,000 tonnes per year.

Following the completion of its largest solar installation so far at its logistics centre in Abrera (Barcelona), physical supermarket and online shopping company Mercadona now generates a total of 100 MW of renewable energy across the entire chain. Combining the output of all solar panels installed on its roofs, the company now has enough capacity to generate approximately 125 GWh per year, the same as that annually consumed by 40,000 homes. By generating this energy, the company’s CO2 emissions will be reduced by 16,000 tonnes each year, roughly the amount absorbed by 350,000 trees (almost 90% of the trees in the city of Valencia).

After launching its sustainable energy project in 2020 with a firm commitment to solar power, the company has now invested more than €75M in installing solar panels. This investment has enabled it to install around 200,000 solar modules, which will generate 6% of the energy consumed by the entire chain.

Of the more than 1,660 supermarkets and 23 logistics centres and “hives” (warehouses dedicated exclusively to online sales) that Mercadona has in Spain and Portugal, more than 400 stores, 8 logistics centres and “hives” and its central offices in Albalat dels Sorells (Valencia) have solar panels installed on the roof. With these installations, the company hopes to save the energy equivalent to the annual consumption of more than 125 stores.

Mercadona plans to further promote the use of clean and more environmentally friendly energy sources in the coming years, targeting a total photovoltaic capacity of 250 MW, which would imply a self-consumption capacity of 15% of its total annual energy consumption.

Abrera, Mercadona’s largest solar power installation.

The solar panel installation, which began at the end of last year and was completed in May, has required an investment of almost €7M. In total, 16,500 solar panels have been installed on the roof, providing a total output of 8 MW and generating 9.5 GWh/year, which will reduce CO2 emissions by 1,270 tonnes per year. It is the company’s largest solar installation. With this installation, the site will supply 25% of its own energy demand.

The Mercadona logistics centre in Abrera sits on a plot of 200,000 metres squared, of which more than 110,000 has been built on. It represents an investment of €300M, has the capacity to house 75,000 pallets of goods and is prepared to provide services to 250 supermarkets.

Aerial view of the solar panels on the logistics centre in Abrera (Barcelona).View of the solar panels on the logistics centre in Abrera (Barcelona).