Expansion of the Mercadona Logistics Centre in San Isidro (Alicante)

Mercadona expands its San Isidro Logistics Centre (Alicante) with a total investment of 98 million euros

01 june 2021
  • The works began in May 2018 on a new 83,000 m2 lot.
  • With this expansion, Mercadona reaffirms its commitment to eliminating the overexertion of its employees.

Mercadona has completed the works for the expansion of its Logistics Centre in the Alicante municipality of San Isidro with the construction of a new warehouse that will occupy 53,000 m2 on a lot spanning over 83,000 m2, located between Calle España and Calle Portugal in the La Granadina industrial park, across from its current Logistics Centre warehouse, which houses the freezer, refrigerated and bread line sections. More than 17 local companies worked on its construction, most of which were SMEs from Alicante province, which boosted the area’s economic reactivation while the works were being done.

The construction of the new warehouse began in May 2018 and was completed in two phases. The first phase, which includes the fish warehouse, has been operational since November 2019, and the second phase for perishable items, principally meat, fruit and vegetables, was recently put into service. The company has invested a total of 98 million euros. This fresh products area has an automated Picking Bridge Crane system, an innovative system for storing and preparing pallets of meat, fruit and vegetables. This system eliminates manual handling and the overexertion of employees across the entire process, from the reception of goods to the loading of pallets that will be sent to the stores. Furthermore, it guarantees the correct handling of the products, therefore ensuring their quality.

This new warehouse is an expansion of the logistics centre that has been operating in the La Granadina industrial park in San Isidro since 2002. The logistics centre has a staff of 930 people, all of whom have stable and quality jobs. For the expansion, 29 more people were hired to fill positions of installation technicians, refrigeration specialists and electro-mechanical technicians, among others. Moreover, around 80,000 hours of staff training were given for putting the new facilities into operation. From the San Isidro logistics centre, Mercadona currently supplies 174 supermarkets in the provinces of Alicante, Albacete and Cuenca, and the entire Region of Murcia.

Mercadona in Alicante Province

Mercadona has 97 supermarkets in the 42 municipalities where it is present in Alicante province, providing stable and quality jobs to 5,495 people, having hired 312 people in the last year.

A clear example of its commitment to the province is the 799 million euros in purchases from Alicante suppliers in 2020.

Additionally, one of Mercadona’s commitments to society is to share part of what it has received, and over the course of the last year it has strengthened its social responsibility in the province through various initiatives, donating more than 427 tonnes of food to social entities in Alicante. This is the case with its donations to the 6 soup kitchens in the province, including Alicante Gastronómica Solidaria, which it donates essential products to every day, as well as the Fundación Banco de Alimentos de Alicante, Red Cross and Caritas, among others.

Expansion of the Mercadona Logistics Centre in San Isidro (Alicante)Expansion of the Mercadona Logistics Centre in San Isidro (Alicante).