Separating waste correctly and organising it into bins is essential for recycling. These basic tips will help make recycling easier and more practical.

Basic recycling advice

04 september 2020

Recycling is part of our everyday lives, but do we really know which type of waste goes in each container? We’re giving you some simple steps to make recycling an easy, simple, convenient and everyday task.

Basic steps for better recycling

1. Place the separate waste bins in the same space: the kitchen, storage room, garage or basement, wherever is most practical for you.

2. Learn to tell the bins and colours apart to avoid confusion:

  • Blue bin: paper, cardboard and bread bags, even if they have that small plastic window.
  • Green bin: glass containers and bottles (remember to put their lids in the yellow bin).
  • Yellow bin: light plastic bottles, cans, cartons, aluminium foil...
  • Brown bin: food waste and other organic waste like dirty kitchen paper and plant trimmings. Important! Use compostable bags for this type of waste.
  • Grey bin: toys and nappies, and generally all types of waste that do not go in the other bins.
  • Ecopark or recycling centres: home appliances, furniture, clothing, shoes, electronic devices, paint and other waste.

3. Differentiating the bins at home is essential, whether with different colours of bins or bags. This makes it easier to separate and organise waste more quickly.

With these simple steps recycling becomes an easy and practical task, and we contribute towards improving the environment and making it more sustainable.

At Mercadona we are working to include a pictogram on products and packages indicating which bin they should go in.

We are also starting to include different types of bins at our stores to help you separate correctly and so we can start getting used to the types of bins.

Where to deposit each type of waste?

Use this colours guide to know how to separate waste at home. It is a simple and easy task that helps recycle waste correctly.

Mercadona recycle magnetBasic recycling concepts for separating waste.

Mercadona recycle magnet



And remember! Separating well helps recycle better. Together we can do it!