Mercadona IT work team

Mercadona expands its technology team, opening development hubs in Seville, Vigo, Santander and Porto

11 december 2023
  • The aim is to continue developing technological solutions that drive the company's digital transformation.
  • The use of cutting-edge technology to create large-scale projects, an industry-leading team of people, and the opportunity for career development and internal growth are some of the key elements of Mercadona's value proposition.
  • Mercadona IT, the department responsible for technological development, is currently made up of more than 1,000 people.

One of the major challenges faced by Mercadona, a physical supermarket and online sales company, is how to continue developing unique and cutting-edge technological solutions that drive the company's digital transformation. It is addressing this challenge through its department known as Mercadona IT, which strives to create the best technological solutions to digitise all the company's internal processes: from logistics to human resources, including finances and construction. Today, more than 1,000 people work in this department, and the aim is to continue growing and responding to these needs by making a commitment to internal talent.

Mercadona IT not only has facilities in Valencia but has also opened hubs in Seville (with ten employees), Vigo (with a team of eight IT professionals), Santander (with twelve) and the recently opened new hub in Porto. Its plans include continuing to recruit talent to these offices, focussing on profiles specialising in software and application development, cybersecurity, infrastructure and data.

There are two main lines of work at Mercadona IT: the modernisation of existing applications that affect the company's core processes, with a roadmap that currently includes the re-engineering of more than 300 applications; and the digitisation of new processes, “with cutting-edge technologies, architectures and languages,” according to Serafín Fernández, the company's director of Computer Engineering, who advocates having the best team of professionals. “Our commitment to technology and innovation goes hand in hand with the training of our teams, as we continually invest in training in the latest technologies and skills through our Tech Academy,” he adds.

Mercadona IT value proposition

Mercadona IT works in coordination with the rest of the business to understand its needs and offer products and technological tools that help improve the work of the entire team at the supermarket chain, thus guaranteeing quality and safety. "This means we can see the physical impact that our work has on our almost 1,700 stores and in our logistics centres, which is very rewarding," stated the Mercadona director of Computer Engineering, who highlighted that the company's value proposition is based on three fundamental pillars: technology, development and human resources.


Mercadona IT uses cutting-edge technologies to create large projects, with huge user potential and an impact on people. “To achieve this, we have a specialist team of technical experts, who set a benchmark for the industry. Together, we define, create and apply technology, work on projects end-to-end and can see the real and direct impact these projects have on our business,” said Serafín Fernández.

Development and Human Resources

From the very outset, the company has offered professionals all the resources they need to add value and continue growing in a stimulating environment full of challenges. “At Mercadona IT, you can make a career for yourself by growing in the direction that most interests you. Our remuneration policy is solid and clear in this respect”. 

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Mercadona IT work teamMercadona has a work team made up of experts in the field.

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