Mercadona’s salted fish arrives in the Canary Islands. Make the most of the properties and flavour of this fish to prepare delicious recipes.

Salted fish sold by weight (Canary Islands)

23 march 2018

Salted fish is an ideal product to cook in a nutritious way. It is low in fat, and that makes it perfect for low-calorie diets.

One of the many advantages of salted fish is its conservation in salt. This technique allows for preserving the fish’s properties while improving its flavour.

Salted fish is high in salt, and because of this, people suffering from high blood pressure or alterations in fluid retention must consume in moderation, and the desalting process must be exhaustive.

Salted fish allows for preparing delicious Canary Islands recipes. Its many advantages make it a perfect fish to be cooked both in regional dishes and more elaborate ones.

In order to prepare any recipe, firstly the fish must be desalted. To this end, there is a desalting process to follow to prepare the fish for cooking.

Now you may download this step-by-step fish desalting process and two simple, tasty recipes to cook delicious Canary Islands sanconchado or I tollos.

Pescado salado Canarias

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