Check out our Ready-to-Eat section, let us do the cooking for you.

Ready-to-Eat, we cook for you

28 march 2023

Do you know about Ready-to-Eat? It’s a section in our stores where we serve freshly made dishes with fresh produce for those moments when our customers can't or don’t want to cook, but want to continue enjoying the most homemade flavours!

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You can heat up any dish in one of our microwaves, pick up some cutlery, and in some of our stores you can eat the dishes right there, comfortably in the area we have established for this.

Mesas y sillas de la sección Listo para Comer de Mercadona

You also have the option of accompanying your favourite dishes with our cold drinks.

Mural frío y calor de Listo para Comer de Mercadona

Remember that you can place Orders for our dishes to pick them up on the day and at the time you prefer.

What can you find in Ready-to-Eat?

Surtido de platos de Listo para Comer de Mercadona

In our section, we offer dishes of the highest quality every day that you can take home or consume wherever you wish. Each day we work to innovate and improve our selection so that you can enjoy it at any time.

Starters and aperitifs

Starters and aperitifs Ready-to-Eat Mercadona

  • Our Potato and Onion and Potato and Courgette Omelettes are notable for their homemade flavour and juicy texture. Prepared traditionally.
  • The crispiest, tastiest Breaded Chicken - choose the sauce to accompany it. Don’t forget to try our Croquettes of different flavours: cheese, stew, ham and chicken. They will amaze you!
  • A healthy option is the Pasta and Tuna Salad, and for those who want a treat, Olivier Salad.


Pizzas Ready-to-Eat Mercadona

  • Discover our Pizzas with different ingredients prepared in the same traditional way, with the most homemade flavour: Carbonara, Cooked Ham, Cheeses and Barbecue.

Burguers and sandwiches

Burguers and sandwiches Ready-to-Eat Mercadona

  • Ready to eat at the time you prefer, offering the best quality: Vegetable Brioche, Ham Sandwich and Serranito Sandwich. For those who love hamburgers: Cheeseburger and Angus Beef Burger; what are you waiting for to try them?

Main courses

Main courses Ready-to-Eat Mercadona

  • Our Lentils with the most homemade and traditional flavour - enjoy this delicious dish!
  • Macaroni Bolognese, prepared each day to offer the best quality and the most natural flavour. Stuffed Aubergine with meat and bechamel.
  • You will be able to try different dishes such as Valencian Paella, Mixed Paella, Oven Baked Rice and Fideuá. Perfect for your everyday life.

Roasted dishes

Roasted dishes Ready-to-Eat Mercadona

  • This is a type of cooking normally carried out at high temperatures and mostly without liquids, an aspect that differentiates it from other classic techniques such as boiling or frying. Discover our selection, including Roast Chicken, Portuguese-style Chicken and Ribs. Don’t forget to accompany them with Roast Potatoes as a garnish.

Asian food

Asian food Ready-to-Eat Mercadona

  • Enjoy the most eastern flavour for your special moments or for whenever you wish. Discover our selection: Yakisoba, Salmon Poke and Pork Gyozas.

*Check the selection available in our stores.

To make it easier for you, you will also be able to pick up the majority of our selection from the Self-Service shelves. Forget about waiting!

Libre servicio Listo para Comer de Mercadona

If you want to know where your nearest store with Ready-to-Eat is, check our interactive map.