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Mercadona’s Christmas Recipes (Iberian Peninsula)

01 december 2017

Celebrating with family and friends is common at Christmas, so lunch and dinner occasions during which to share time with our loved ones are organised. We bring you a selection of Mercadona recipes that will help you prepare delicious meat, fish and deli recipes in case you have guests coming round and you are thinking of making dishes to surprise them,.

The Mercadona recipes we bring you this Christmas are extremely simple to prepare. They all have different cooking times, in order that you may chose the ones that better adapt to your needs for each occasion.

Mercadona’s meat recipes

Surprise your guests this Christmas with Mercadona’s meat recipes, ideal for any lunch or dinner Christmas celebration. You may choose between speedy meat recipes which may be prepared in under an hour, or others that require more time. We also bring you tips to improve the presentation even further and to give your dishes a different touch.

Thanks to our selection of Mercadona meat recipes, you will learn how to prepare the following dishes:

  • Joint of Beef in Red Wine on a bed of Seasonal Vegetables
  • Stuffed Pavita Turkey Hen
  • Roast Lamb
  • Roasted Suckling Pig
  • Roast Salt Loin with Pineapple
  • Pork Tenderloin with Caramelised Apple

You will find all the ingredients to prepare these tasty recipes in Mercadona’s Butcher. For details about how to prepare each dish, read and download Mercadona’s meat recipes here.

Mecadona Butcher-  Recipes for 2017 Christmas Season

Mercadona’s fish recipes

If you’d prefer, we also bring you these Mercadona fish recipes, which are quick and easy to prepare, and will delight your guests. Because each type of seafood is cooked differently, you may also consult the cooking times table for seafood, which is also included. We also bring you some extra tips to improve the presentation of these recipes even further.

In our selection of Mercadona fish recipes, you will learn how to prepare dishes such as these:

  • Vol-au-vent filled with Jumbo King Prawns and Mushrooms
  • Marinated jumbo king prawns
  • Hake in Jumbo King Prawn Sauce
  • Monkfish with Clams and Prawns
  • Lagareiro Octopus

You may find the fish and seafood needed for these recipes in Mercadona’s fishmonger. View and download Mercadona’s fish recipes here:

Mercadona Fishmonger - Recipes for 2017 Christmas Season

Mercadona’s deli recipes

As a starter or between courses, our Mercadona deli recipes will delight your guests on account of their wonderful flavour and original presentation. These deli recipes don’t require any pre-cooking, so you’ll only need to use the right ingredients as per our instructions.

In our selection of Mercadona deli recipes, you will find explanations on how to prepare these delicious dishes:

  • Cheese Shots
  • King prawns with Melon and Iberian pork Ham
  • Camembert Turron
  • Goat’s Cheese Cruncher
  • Foie and Duck Ham Canapé
  • Tiramisu

The ingredients needed for these irresistible creations may be found in Mercadona’s deli. For details about how to prepare them, view and download Mercadona’s deli recipes here:

Mercadona’s Deli Section - Recipes Christmas Season

This Christmas season, take advantage of Mercadona’s meat, fish and deli recipes, and enjoy them in the company of friends and family.