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Other information

Aimed towards the integrated supplier

It is a communication channel between Mercadona and its integrated suppliers aimed at sharing the information that makes the Assembly Chain work 

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All the information

Informs the integrated supplier about:

1. Orders, stock levels, sales and commercial and logistic data in relation to their products

2. Inputs by “The Boss” received by the customer service channels

3. The status of your invoices and payments

4. The reception of your products in our warehouses

5. And more information...

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Request procedure

Requirement to access:

1. Working for an integrated supplier

2. Sending an email to

You will receive a form to fill in, and if everything is correct, we will grant you access

Representation of the caspopdona project: the relationship between the specialised primary sector, the specialised integrated supplier/supplier, Mercadona and The Boss


Registered users only

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