Mercadona fishing policy

This is the responsible policy behind Mercadona fish

30 august 2017
  • Mercadona’s Fishing Products Purchasing Policy is committed to guaranteeing the sustainability of the fishing products that it sells.
  • All Mercadona fish suppliers and intersuppliers are subscribed to this policy, which they continue to apply and improve year after year.

All fish intersuppliers and suppliers are committed to complying with Mercadona's Fishing Products Purchasing Policy.

This fact has been included for years in Mercadona’s Environment Report.

Mercadona sustainable fishing policy

  • Not to have products from illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.
  • Guarantee traceability from catch to sale.
  • Label products in accordance with the current legislation, providing clear, accurate and reasonable information for consumers.
  • Guarantee legal compliance and the management measures in force regarding minimum sizes, biological stoppages and closed seasons, among others.
  • Support continuous improvement and the best techniques available in terms of fishing methods and gear.
  • Support the incorporation of new products that meet the sustainability criteria.
  • Eliminate threatened and endangered species from the assortment, as well as species from seriously threatened ecosystems.
  • Promote sustainable agriculture products through internationally recognised standards of good practice.
  • Support local fishing.
  • Respect decent work conditions.

All of the decisions in this area must be taken based on the scientific information available from bodies and institutions with recognised solvency.

Other initiatives

100% of Hacendado tinned tuna comes from responsible fishing grounds, thanks to the constant work and collaboration of the intersupplier Escurís (Jealsa- Rianxeira) with ISSF (International Seafood Sustainability Foundation), a non-profit entity dedicated to promoting the sustainability of tuna fisheries.

Escurís (Jealsa-Rianxeira) is audited annually to verify its commitment to all conservation practices promoted by ISSF, including full product traceability and training of ship captains in good sustainability practices.

Also as part of this collaboration, Mercadona has subscribed, along with 83 other organisations from around the world (including NGOs, fishing fleets and distributors) to the charter that ISSF has sent to the competent authorities, requesting actions for improving the sustainability of tuna fishing.

All this information, and other actions and commitments on sustainability and the environment are available in the Mercadona Environment Report.