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Our commitment to the environment

Mercadona’s environmental management system is focused on reducing waste and making the most of natural resources. We therefore have a waste management system focused on prevention, reuse and recycling. We encourage the reuse of shopping bags and we offer bags made with recycled plastic or paper, all of which are also recyclable. Furthermore, we have a waste management system that encompasses both the waste generated by Mercadona and other waste items that the Boss disposes of in our stores, like batteries, to ensure they are managed correctly. In terms of plastic packaging, we work in partnership with our suppliers/manufacturers to ensure that all our products comply with the strictest food safety, environmental and quality standards: our goal is for every package to be the best option to fulfil its function, making rational use of resources and using a range of strategies to reduce the amount of plastic used whenever possible.
You can find more information about our commitment to the environment in our annual report and in the environmental report, available at: