Mercadona's Meat section in a supermarket

Mercadona's New Meat section: freshness, assortment and maximum service

07 june 2018
  • All Mercadona stores in the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands offer a new Meat section with fresher, more assorted and greater quality products.
  • Mercadona's Meat section also has a Cutting area, where clients can ask for the cut they wish at no additional cost.

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Mercadona's New Meat section, already in all its supermarkets in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, offers fresher, more assorted and greater quality products.

Mercadona has included a new service, the Cutting area, so that clients can request cuts other than those already offered on the display from Mercadona's butchers. Thus, they can enjoy customised meat cuts; for example, sirloin cut in medallions.

It also now provides a greater assortment and new meat products, especially related to the traditions of each region. For example, yellow chicken in Galician supermarkets, lamb from La Mancha in stores in Castilla-La Mancha, suckling lamb in Castilla y León, beef from Asturias in stores in that region, and butifarra sausages in Catalonia.

Quality of meat in Mercadona

The products of the new Meat section at Mercadona are fresher and have better quality, since one of the improvements includes shortening the supplier-to-store process which provides maximum freshness.

This process allows our products a longer life to be consumed at the client's home.

All our meat suppliers comply with national and European regulations, as well as with Mercadona's Animal Welfare Policy, which helps guarantee the quality of meat at Mercadona.

Mercadona goes for national products

Mercadona is backing up the Spanish livestock industry; it specifically collaborates with 5,200 stockbreeders. Proof of this is that we offer 100% Spanish-origin poultry, pork and lamb in our chilled fresh meat selection. In the case of beef, it is 100% Spanish origin. For rabbit, our priority is supporting local production, if viable, as shown by our backing of the cuniculture industry campaign.

Mercadona also continues to reinforce its Sustainable Food Chain, which strives to accelerate shared and sustainable growth and modernisation of the farming, fishing and livestock industries.

Other recommendations

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To boost the flavours of your dishes, you can use Hacendado stock soups (chicken, vegetables, cocido, fish and seafood paella & fideuà).