IT jobs in Mercadona

Mercadona starts a process to attract talent in order to recruit more than 200 people for its IT department

17 april 2019
  • To promote its Digital Transformation project, the company intends to invest € 150 M per year to improve IT tools and processes.
  • It will select experienced profiles as well as recent graduates, both with university degrees and with higher vocational training degrees.
  • They will join the 500 current employees in the IT department and will have stable, high-quality positions from the start, a specific training plan, and the possibility of internal promotion in the medium term.

Mercadona, the physical supermarket and online shopping company, has started a process to attract talent in order to recruit more than 200 people for its IT department, located in Paterna (Valencia). The company has launched a process, in cooperation with the Council for Education of the Regional Government of Valencia, to select staff from higher vocational training degrees, specifically IT System and Network Administration, Web Application Development, and Multiplatform Application Development. In parallel, the entire company is searching for more than 200 people in order to recruit senior profiles with extensive experience and recent university graduates.

Process for the selection of talent for the Mercadona IT DepartmentMercadona currently has an IT department comprising 500 multidisciplinary professionals specialising in Software Engineering, both FrontEnd and BackEnd, Cloud, Site Reliability, Project Leadership, Business Architecture, System Administration, Operations, Analytics, IoT, and IT Security.  With the start of this new process to attract talent, the company seeks to boost its Digital Transformation project, which, with an annual investment of 150 million euros, seeks to improve IT tools and processes, and launch significant initiatives in partnership with suppliers specialising in the various IT solutions. The goal is to make decision-making as agile as possible, increasing process efficiency and agility by means of unique, accurate data.

To do so, the candidates selected will not only be able to face this new challenge, but may also grow professionally within the Mercadona project, a project that supports people and has a Human Resources policy focusing on their development. In fact, the new employees will have, like the 85,800 current company employees, permanent work contracts from the start; significant specific training plans; and the option of applying for positions of higher responsibility in the medium term as part of the internal promotion policy that characterises Mercadona, from which 860 employees benefited in 2018.

Mercadona IT staff in their departmentMercadona IT department staff.

Recognition of the HR policy

Mercadona's HR policy has been highlighted one more year in the 2018 Merco Talento survey, leading once again the ranking in its sector, and holding the sixth position in the overall ranking. Harvard Business Review also highlighted Mercadona's internal management of talent, and the International Labour Organisation (ILO), which depends on the United Nations, appreciated the efforts the company puts into training, balancing work and personal life, and sharing profit. In late 2018, the company also signed with the majority trade unions its new 2019-2023 Collective Agreement and Equality Plan. This new more egalitarian and social plan reinforces Mercadona’s commitment to stable and quality employment while improving employment conditions and at the same time consolidating its commitment to improving the purchasing power of the workforce and reinforcing work-life balance initiatives.

The job openings can be viewed on the employment website.